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Astrologers take into account more than just zodiac signs when making predictions; they take into account elements (fire, earth, air and water) as well as any cusps or heavy concentration of planets in one sign.

Example: People born under Fire signs tend to be exuberant and spontaneous while those under Water signs tend to be deep, sensitive, and empathic.



Ruled by Mars – an indicator of assertiveness and ego – Aries are born leaders and pioneers. Bold and fearless individuals with youthful strength and energy, Aries tend to jump headlong into any project or relationship without hesitation; their impatient nature often causes them to quickly judge others or say things before thinking through consequences properly. Neptune, the planet of love and compassion, currently occupies this sign until 2024 ensuring strong defenses when someone is bullied or treated unfairly – such as when bullying or unfair treatment occurs – guaranteeing they never remain silent when something similar happens again!

Like superheroes of today, Aries tend to tackle situations head on without asking any questions first. They’re quick to tackle fears head on and encourage nervous friends to follow in their footsteps.

When dating an Aries, expect them to be needy — they can get bored quickly! Astrologically speaking, Aries tends to find most compatibility with fellow fire signs Leo and Sagittarius. Furthermore, Aries tend to connect well with those who share bold, confident characteristics as well.


TaurusTaurus people love beauty in all aspects, not just the fleshly beauty but any art likes playing music and painting. Moreover, the Taurus love careers where one can make things, for instance mechanical engineering or interior design. This allows for one’s skill and interest to flourish.

Taureans tend to move slowly and steadily, sometimes being misinterpreted as laziness. Their patience pays off though; much like a tortoise and its follower (the rabbit), Taureans are determined and loyal in what they start. That is perhaps why Tammy Wynette wrote the iconic song titled ‘Stand by Your Man.”

Taurus can take their time when it comes to falling in and out of love, but once they make up their mind they tend to stick by it. Taurus values having reliable friends and family who can cook, bake or repair things around the home – this explains their attraction towards people with practical skills such as this.


GeminiGemini, as an air sign ruled by Mercury – the planet responsible for communication in all forms – makes for fast thinkers with quick wit and intellect who love keeping conversations lively at parties, dinners or dance floors. People born when the Sun falls within Gemini tend to be quick-witted with great social skills. They excel at conversation at parties, dinners or dance floors!

These twins can juggle multiple passions, careers and friendship groups with ease – quickly switching from being the life of the party on Friday night to an office worker on Monday morning without missing a beat.

As Geminis are mutable signs, they’re much more comfortable with change than some other signs (such as Taurus or Scorpio), yet can still struggle with commitment. So if you find yourself attracted to one, just know that if things go south with them you might find yourself listening to your breakup playlist on repeat for quite some time as they adjust back. You should read once What Are The Most Dangerous Zodiac Signs? Know The Truth


VirgoVirgo is known to be reserved, so building relationships may take some time. They tend to be pessimistic about love, disbelieving how passion can disrupt daily routines, and suspect its fickle nature.

But this sign actually shows their deep support of friends and family. These are people who enjoy signing up for continuing-education courses, or just enjoying quiet afternoons spent curled up reading in bed.

Analysts possess an exceptional skill for observing situations, often picking out details others miss. While this talent can be beneficial, it also comes with its share of disadvantages: They are keenly attuned to how other people hurt themselves and may project their high standards onto those around them. Analyzers prefer romantic partners (romantic and platonic alike) who share similar values of practicality and precision; symbolizing this constellation with sheaves of wheat symbolizing fertility and harvests as its symbolism.


LibraLibras strive for harmony by striking a delicate balance. Like their sign’s emblem, the scales, they seek peace and fairness at all times; but sometimes their desire to keep everyone satisfied can backfire when they end up suppressing their opinions in order not to cause offence to someone.

Libras, under the influence of Venus – the goddess of beauty and art – are friendly air signs who enjoy big picture thinking, working collaboratively on projects, and being stylish; often seen showcasing fashion trends on Instagram.

People-pleasing Libras’ secret weapon lies in their innate ability to see things from multiple viewpoints.  They make for excellent negotiators and diplomatic efforts alike – often providing relief when tensions arise in difficult negotiations; their communication style often come across as flirtatious without trying too hard!


ScorpioAs fixed water signs, Scorpios are often misunderstood. Yet their determination and loyalty make up for any misgivings; their inner strength draws strength from within themselves.

Astrologically governed by Pluto and Mars, Scorpios possess an uncanny understanding of transformation. With an eye toward love and work alike, Scorpios know how to stay several steps ahead in the game of life’s chessboard of love and work – usually several moves ahead! Although sometimes aggressive or even cruel when dealing with situations or people.

Scorpios tend to invest deeply in romantic relationships. While it may take them some time to open up to new people, once they do they tend to commit for life unless something drastic occurs that breaks trust with them or they harbor any grudges against someone.

Scorpios tend to gravitate toward darker things such as seances, psychic nights, serial killer shows and horror movies.


SagittariusSagittarius (also known as the archer) is the sign of adventure, higher learning, and travel. These energetic individuals seek new experiences while sharing what knowledge they’ve acquired with others – they strongly adhere to the philosophy that anything is possible!

Ruled by Jupiter, an expansive planet that encourages growth, Sagittarius people are known for being good with luck and can often attract abundance and opportunity.

These extroverts tend to be friendly and optimistic. Although sometimes overly opinionated and lacking an effective verbal filter can result in some loud words being said at inappropriate moments, Sags are typically faithful friends who excel at seeing the bigger picture.

Sagittarians must be wary that if their spirit of adventure becomes overwhelming, they could easily turn into arrogant egotists who refuse to listen or consider the opinions and beliefs of other people. With proper guidance however, this person could become one of your closest allies and partners in life. You should read once 21 Signs To Know If You’re A Victim Of Witchcraft


CapricornFrom December 28 through early January is known as Capricorn season; featuring a goat-shaped sign with two horns known for its large-picture perspective and level head. Ruling by Saturn, Capricorn represents strong goal-seekers who never shy away from taking risks to reach their objectives.

Firm, hardworking individuals can often be found grinding away at work while still finding time for family, friends and their own health and fitness.

Capricorns may sometimes seem harsh and unfeeling to people who wish to be more spontaneous or free-spirited (hello Sagittarius and Geminis!). Flakiness grate on this meticulous sign’s nerves, while even lighthearted jokes at their expense could set off an angry response from this highly rational sign – although their highly analytical minds make them the perfect parent, mentor or business partner!

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